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DocuColor 5065

DocuColor 5065 is designed for high volume output with enhanced image reproduction capability. It provides the professional an abundance of benefits to boost productivity, including the embedded server solution to speed up the process to create, print, scan and manage high-resolution image with advanced colour management and ICC profiling.

With a newly developed hybrid tandem engine that shortens the paper transfer process, the DocuColor 5065 is able to produce a high speed of 65 ppm for monochrome and 50ppm for colour.

It’s also highly versatile, being able to print on a wide array of media, from postcard to A3-size paper with paper grammage of up to 220 gsm and thick cards of up to 300 gsm. This is all made possible with the Intermediate Belt Technology that uses a belt to ensure a large contact area and speedy fusion.

The DocuColor 5056 has the VCSEL multi-beam capabilities that allow 32 lines to be written in a single scan, unl

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DocuColor 5065

With the Fuji Xerox-specific Intermediate Belt Transfer Technology, DocuColor 5065 supports a wide array of media with up to a maximum of 300 gsm. Various technologies were developed and incorporated in the DocuColor to deliver a remarkably high resolution of 2,400 dpi.

Super high speed

When you need your prints fast, the DocuColor 5065 delivers. Made possible with a newly developed hybrid tandem engine shortening the paper transfer process, it?s able to give a high speed of 65ppm (monochrome) and 50ppm (colour).

Higher reliability, minimal maintenance

Designed to boost productivity, the system is able to provide a high maximum document volume of 300,000* for reliability you can count on with less downtime.(*Monthly maximum document volume (A4-size))

Print on a wide array of media

From postcard to A3-size, paper grammage up to 220gsm and thick cards up to 300gsm*, the DocuColor 5065 lets you print them on an extensive range of media. All thanks to the Intermediate Belt Technology which uses a belt to ensure a large contact area and speedy fusion.

*Using bypass tray

EA-HG Toner for superior prints

A difference you can see, the Emulsion Aggregation-High Grade (EA-HG) Toner uses smaller and finer toner particles to provide for superior quality and distinctly smoother images while boosting the reproduction of subtle hues of red, blue and green.

Innovative VCSEL with 32 beams for true 2,400dpi image

You can trust the DocuColor 5065 to give you a high quality image comparable to offset printing. That’s because the VCSEL multi-beam capabilities allow 32 lines to be written in a single scan unlike conventional laser technology that only writes two lines per scan. With four separate VCSEL, each colour is accurately scanned by the 32 beams. In addition, the system also controls the position of each emitter, the amount of brightness in each beam and print time to produce 2,400dpi high resolution image printing.

VCSEL - An innovation developed by Fuji Xerox

Conventional edge-emitting lasers use one dimensional arrays. The VCSEL uses a two dimensional array allowing compact, high precision and high resolution scanning. It emits light across the entire surface thus eliminating the need of a back beam during print by positioning the front beam and monitoring the amount of light to prevent uneven print density. The VCSEL also gives lower power consumption compared to conventional optical exposure technologies that produce high resolution 2,400dpi images.

Improved reproduction of highlights

The HQ digital screen MACS technology generates “sub-dots” among dots. In highlight areas, screen shapes are optimised to “dot shapes” for more stable density reproduction. As density increases, screen shapes are optimised to “line shapes” and further to “mesh shapes” to substantially improve the highlight reproduction.

Digital Colour Registration ’MTCT’ permits position control of printing

The high resolution VCSEL ROS of 2,400dpi and digital image processing enables highly accurate colour registration corrections in 10 micron units. Conventionally, belt rotation speeds were changed to prevent or adjust rotation and fluctuation gaps between transfer belts and polygon mirrors. However, in the new design, highly accurate film deviation corrections are achieved by sending feedback of sensor-detected information to the digital image processor to adjust the timing of colour image production.

MACS technology reproduces highlighted areas comparable to offset printing

With the adoption of the HQ digital screen MACS technology, the ultra-fine pixel control of 2,400dpi greatly improves the flexibility of screen lines, screen shapes and screen angles during print and enhances its gradation reproduction as such. This improves highlight reproduction while providing non-textured, smooth and stable print quality.

"New Image Enhancement" process produces smooth diagonal lines of any angle

Redesigned mapping has been optimised to 2,400dpi. Contrary to conventional processing in 600dpi, processing is also done in the sub-scanning direction on fragmented matrices, not only in the main scanning direction. This additional processing makes possible the generation of fine screen shapes, thereby allowing smoother reproduction of lines, character outlines and so forth. In particular, the new design is effective in the reproduction of smooth and nonjagged diagonal lines at low angles, which was difficult to achieve in the past.

Load-while-operating Toner Replacement

With a reserve toner tank and a dedicated door, toner replacement can be done without stopping or interrupting the job. What’s more, two high capacity cartridges of black toner can be set concurrently to give approximately 60,000* sheets of printing.

*Prints on A4-sized document in 5% density

Functions & Specifications

DocuColor 5065


Copier Type
Console Type
Colour Capability
Full Colour

Scanning Resolution

600 x 600dpi
Output Resolution
2,400 x 2,400dpi
Gradation/Printable Colour
256 levels of gray for each colour (16,700,000 colours)
Warm-up Time

< or =2 Minutes 30 Seconds*1
(when the room temperature is 20°C)

Original Size
Maximum: 297 x 432mm (A3, 279 x 432mm) for both sheets and bound documents
Copy Paper Size
Tray 1-2
Tray 3-4
Maximum: A3, 279 x 432mm
Minimum: A5 (148 x 210mm)
Bypass Tray
Maximum: 330 x 483mm, 320 x 488mm
Minimum: 100 x 148mm
Image loss width
(Tray & Bypass Tray)
Lead within 4mm, Trail within 4mm,
Right & Left Edges within 3mm
Paper Weight*2
Tray 1-4
64gsm x 220gsm
64gsm x 300gsm

< or = 4.3 seconds (Monochrome Priority Mode: A4 LEF)


< or = 7.8 seconds (Colour Priority Mode: A4 LEF)

Copy Magnification
<100%> 1:1 ±0.7%
<Preset> 1:0.500, 1:0.707, 1:0.816, 1:0.866, 1:1.154, 1:1.414
<Variable> 1:0.25 ? 1:4.00 (in 1% increments)
Continuous Copy Speed *4
(A4 LEF/B5 LEF/A5)
65 ppm
50 ppm
Paper Source / Paper Capacity*5
500 sheets x 2 trays + 870 sheets + 1,140 sheets + Bypass Tray 250 sheets = 3,260 sheets
High Capacity Feeder (1 Tray) for 2,000 sheets
Continuous Copy Volumn*6
9,999 copies


Due to adjustment of the image quality depending on conditions of the machine or under network environments, warm-up time may exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds


It is recommended to use papers recommended by Fuji Xerox. Depending on the use conditions, normal printing may not be performed


Same magnification, from the paper Tray 1, single sided, and output to the output tray


There are cases where speed may be reduced due to adjustment of the image quality, or due to paper type, tray type and output mode


When using Xerox ?Business Paper?(80gsm)


There are cases where the machine operation may temporarily suspend due to stabilisation processing of the image quality


The Low Power Mode/Sleep Mode are in accordance with the International Energy Star Program measurements


Machine weight measurements apply to when new toner cartridges are installed and where papers are not loaded
*9 When the bypass tray, output tray, etc. are extended to the maximum



Print (EFI Controller)

Continuous Print Speed
Same as the machine copy speed
2,400 x 2,400dpi
Data Processing
600 x 600dpi,1,200 x 1,200dpi*1
Adobe® PostScript® 3?, PCL6c
TCP/IP, Novell® IPX, IPP, Port 9100, EtherTalk®*2
Supported OS*3
Windows® 2000/XP/Windows® Server?
2003, Mac OS 9.2, 10.2 or latest version*4
Built-in fonts
PCL6c: 81 European Type Faces
PostScript® 3? Kit: 136 Roman
Ethernet 1000Base-TX/100Base-TX/10Base-T
*1 Only in monochrome printing
*2 Current latest version in Mac OS X 10.3
*3 Refer to the Fuji Xerox official web site for the latest information on supported OS
*4 Current latest version is Mac OS X 10.3


Scanner Type
Colour Scanner
Document Size
Maximum: 297 x 420mm for both sheets and bound documents
Scanning Resolution
600 x 600dpi
400 x 400dpi
300 x 300dpi
200 x 200dpi
Scanning Halftone
RGB each colour: Input 10bit, Output 8bit
Scanning Speed*
Ethernet 100 Base-TX/10Base-T
Save to Mailbox
TCP/IP (Salutation, HTTP)
Colour/Grayscale: JPEG, PDF;
Monochrome: TIFF, PDF
EFI Fiery Scan
5 Features
Fiery Remote Scan TWAIN plug-in
Retrieves the scanned job using TWAIN
application such as PhotoShop, Quark, etc
Fiery Remote Scan Utility
Scan to various locations: Scan to Email,
Scan to FTP, Scan to Hold Queue
WebScan?: Retrieves the scanned job
and save it to local HD
* Scanning speed differs depending on originals and resolution. A4 LEF FX standard original document, 200dpi, to Mailbox